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Every exceptional creation by Gazdar features the most extraordinary stones. The creation starts with the procurement of rare gemstones and diamonds, which inspires designers and craftsmen to transform each individual gem into a treasured work of art. Every finished piece of jewellery showcases harmony of gemstone uniqueness, artistic ingenuity and unparalleled craftsmanship.

The Imperial Emerald

Diamonds and emeralds seductively curve around an invigorating 20 carat emerald in an exposition of Gazdar gem-setting mastery. The creation excites many to immerse into the deep emerald green of the forest. The necklace is the supreme embodiment of glamour and elegance.

The Grand Burma

Diamonds embrace this extraordinary flawless 5 carat ruby from the hearts of Burma to create a masterpiece for centuries to behold. The ring features a remarkable ruby whose vibrant hue and transparency is mesmerizing.

Oceanic Phenomena

Ripples of blue water shining brilliantly in the summer’s light allure you with this mighty 10 carat sapphire from the mines of Burma. Perfecting the beauty of a “Royal Blue Sapphire”, the Oceanic Phenomena ring unfurls an epitome of gem virtuosity.

The Utopian Paradise

The Utopian Paradise ruby and diamond suite symbolizes the magnificent beauty of nature. The openwork floral design is embellished with clusters of diamond florets and natural untreated rubies from Burma. Stylized floral motifs of rubies emanate a fiery brilliance inspiring undying devotion and passion for beauty.

Whispers of the Forest

A bouquet of diamonds set on a gold table surrounds an enchanting 8 carat emerald, bringing about a distinctive aroma of freshness from nature. The transparency of the emerald matches the purity of a cloudless sky mirroring the reflection of a garden. The profound depth of the emerald showcases a stunning kaleidoscope of colour.

The Burmese Eruption

The interwoven perfection of natural untreated rubies, from Burma, create an exquisite reflection of timeless glamour. This intricate bracelet presents a sparkling cluster of rubies weighing 54 carats contrasting against round and baguette cut diamonds.

Enchanting Emerald

Adorn yourself with magnificence with the ultimate essence of perfection with this rich green emerald and diamond ring. This extraordinary 4 carat no-oil emerald is admired for its phenomenally vibrant hue and exceptional clarity. The emerald is strikingly contrasted with two trapezium shaped diamonds of D Colour, Flawless Clarity and Type 2A quality, intensifying the ring’s phenomenal brilliance.

Basra Beauty

The bezel set rose-cut diamonds embrace gleaming natural Basra pearls, from the waters of the Persian Gulf, captivating the power of rarity and elegance. The astounding 45 carats of Basra pearls display a rainbow-like shine and lustre with a smooth texture.

Chandelier Emeralds

Inspired by a theatre of a sumptuous play of emeralds and diamonds, these ornate chandelier earrings contrast the elegance of emeralds with the brilliance of diamonds. The earrings showcase an enchanting floral motif with elegant lacework.

Chandelier Diamonds

These dazzling earrings present an exceptional radiance of diamond beads and briolettes, expertly strung together into an alluring strand design. The earrings unveil an enchanting chandelier motif and beautiful diamond tassels.

Sunset Hues

With its distinctive sensual spirals and voluptuous curves, the fancy coloured diamond ring induces magnificent beauty with its hypnotic qualities. Considered amongst the rarest of jewels, this orange coloured diamond exudes a remarkable depth of colour and beauty.

Interlace Drama

Intertwined lengths of diamonds and emeralds come together to create a delicate and intricate pattern. With utmost brilliance and virtuous gem-setting, the opulent lacework sparkles with several different shapes of diamonds and emeralds set side by side.

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