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Fine jewellery bears the rarest of gems in truly remarkable sizes and combinations, while its collections draw on nature, history, art and imagination. Focussing on the natural stones, our designers use extraordinary gemstones, that display rich colour, spectacular lustre and exceptional clarity, as the starting point for creating exemplary jewellery.


Diamonds are a reflection of everlasting love, devotion and passion between two individuals. Diamond jewellery is a genre and league of its own, as it is about timelessness and subtlety. The Eternity collection weaves in a variety of diamond shapes, giving it a unique visual appeal. The angular positioning of diamonds transmits exuberant beams of light with every passing moment, accentuating each facet of the stone.


The raw uninhibited beauty of nature has always been an enduring and everlasting inspiration for Gazdar. The Fiore collection incorporates decorative concepts and motifs such as petals, leaves, vines, and tendrils, intertwined with organic forms and asymmetrical designs. Using nature’s hues and floral patterns, the collection embodies the earth’s endless beauty, arousing feelings of love, desire and warmth. Fiore is a tribute to the allure of nature, whose diversity and emblematic abundance offer boundless sources of imagination.


Inspired by the grandeur and eminence of the magnificent Art Deco era, the Art Deco collection is an endeavour to create impeccable jewels and treasures using the most extraordinary gems. Geometric designs, bold lines, stylized framework and linear forms are symbolic and figurative representations of that iconic period.


Finding inspiration in nature embellished with alluringly curved fine metals, the Gold Texture collection is influenced by different cultures across the globe. The twisted thread, ropework, wire and scratchwork techniques are a testament to Gazdar’s unique use of gold textured elements. Engraved white and yellow gold create a perfect framework for wearability and uniqueness.


The iconic Cluster collection comprises jewels set in a unique gemstone setting: with one gem set adjacent to the other, combining their complementing hues and allowing a remarkable amount of illumination to pass through. The innovative and ingenious setting technique magnifies the life and light of gemstones by setting them in mounts with hardly any visible metal and creating a perception that they are magically floating. The collection portrays an unexpected style of bold novelty.


Inspired by the grandeur of the royal era, the one-of-a-kind Maharani collection recreates the era of the Mughal and Raj periods by embracing thousands of years of India’s design heritage, including extravagant concepts and motifs. The jadau is an exquisite art form that dates back to the Mughal period, and epitomized by skilled Iranian and Indian craftsmen. Each piece made of 22-karat gold is embedded with uncut diamonds (called polki), and coloured gemstones. The meenakari enamel engraving on the back is a testament to the fragile and elegant artwork of the master craftsmen who fashion each piece with artistic precision.


Temple jewellery, traditionally from the South Indian states, reflects the divine blessings of the Hindu deities. Motifs such as animals, birds and symbols of Gods and Goddesses illustrate the depth of the culture and history of India. Each gold ornament, created in 22-karat gold, is designed with intricate details and embellished with diamonds and gemstones, portraying the beauty and grace of holy worship.


Our Heritage Collection embraces thousands of years of India’s design and opulent heritage, including extravagant concepts and motifs from the erstwhile eras. The collection demonstrates the expertise and finesse of the artisans and lapidaries of the past. Every piece is distinctive of a certain era and provenance. For example, the Gulabi meenakari of Varanasi is characterized by pink strokes on white enamel. Jewellery in ancient times not only fulfilled the purpose of adornment, but each gemstone was bestowed with a magical character and used as protection against supernatural forces. Vintage jewellery is priceless art, precious heritage!

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